Welcome to Workguide. Mark Hutchins, a successful business owner, runs Workguide along side 3 other writers. The idea was to set up a blog to help people get their finances in check. The blog will cover everything from starting up a business, to helping you with personal issues such as motivation. Money rules the world whether you like to acknowledge it or not. It’s a fact. If your one of those high and mighty people that think otherwise then this blog isn’t for you. This blog is about taking control of your life, living your best life. It will change your prospection on the world and show you that following the crowd isn’t the best route.

This blog will offer complete guides and FAQS. The posts are designed to help you make more money and be happier in life! Its difficult being an entrepreneur so we made sure the guides are out there to point you in the right direction. We understand it’s also very difficult to get your finances in order once they spiral out of control. So we made sure to include posts relating to benefits and employment.

All posts are checked for their accuracies. Comments on the posts have been enabled so if you have a question please post it, one of us will reply with our advice. Equally if you think you can answer a question that’s posted in the comments section then please reply. We aim to get back to comments within 7 days if someone else has not already answered them! All posts are our own by the admin team behind the site. We do accept guest blog posts but they will be reviewed by at least 2 admin team members before publishing. If you have a post you think the site may benefit from please visit our contact page. There you will find gust post requirements and contact details.

We are unable to answer private questions outside of the comment section. Any emails regarding personal questions will be ignored.

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“We hope we have helped and made your life just that little bit more easier! If you focus and get your head down your finances will soon come in check” – Mark Hutchins