Becoming an Entrepreneur

Becoming an Entrepreneur is scary. Anyone these days can call themselves an entrepreneur, founder or co-founder of a business and get that status. There’s a huge difference between an entrepreneur who consistently makes money and one that doesn’t.

It’s probably the scariest part of setting up a business; with the big question of weather you will make money or not circling around your head, will I be successful? For a lot of people they take the easy route and get a 9-5 with guarantee income at the end of the month. There’s nothing wrong with that if you enjoy the work your doing. If you have found a job you love then you have won the lottery already. “If you love your job you will never work a day in your life”.

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You only have one life; do you really want to spend the majority of your time on this planet at the mercy of someone else? Making someone else money? You have to ask yourself these questions and really think about what you want to do. The scary statistic of the most common final words of people on their deathbeds is “regret”. Almost every entrepreneur who has started a business would never go back to being employed. Once you actually see for yourself what it’s actually like you will soon see why you would never want to go back and you probably never will.

Making money for yourself and being your own boss is honestly the most rewarding thing you can do, the buzz you get is indescribable and the sense of pride, independence and self worth flood your body. Being your own boss means you control your life, you control your outcome. Before you get excited and hyped you really need to prepare yourself for some hard work. If you take it easy when working on your business then business will be hard. If you work hard on your business then business will be easy.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is all about hard work!

Its said time after time that hard work pays off. You can talk to any famous business mogul, your best mates dad who has 5 vans and 10 employees, the guy on homes under the hammer who’s on his 10th project and the answer will be hard work. Period. Its common sense really, if it was that easy wouldn’t everyone have his or her dream car and home? It’s a human characteristic unfortunately; we don’t like to work hard. We would rather be down the pub having a drink or sashing Stranger Things on Netflix. There’s nothing wrong with that if you want to float by life, always be struggling for cash and never really fulfilling your potential.

A study in America showed that 90% of Americans couldn’t afford a sudden $400 expense (Broken car, boiler etc). Do you really want to be one of those people? The time is now to make money, the current world is booming. The Internet is making it easy for companies to expand. Everyday transport, communication and technology are getting more efficient and advance. Now is the time to get started and shift your life into a new direction.