How do I Think of a Business Startup Idea?

Starting a business is often an unsettling and equally exciting time, but you may be asking yourself “how do I think of a business startup idea?” Thinking of a business idea isn’t easy but if you want to get into business then you will need to think of one. Below is a bit of food for thought. Check out each section and it might just get the idea ball rolling in your head. Never get dishearten if someone is already offering your service, all you have to do it get your number in front of theirs! A little bit of research into Google rankings, Google adwords and local directories will ensure people will be able to find you.

Start a business around your passion

The easiest way and probably most enjoyable is to start something around what you love. A wise man once said “If you love your work then you will never work a day in your life” Go over in your head ideas on what service product you could get into that involves your interest. For example if you love horse riding you could offer horse-riding lessons or perhaps offer horse-riding experiences.

These types of business ideas can be cheap to get set up or expensive. It completely depends on the type of business you want to get started. It often better to start small and build.

Start a business around your talent

You might be good at something, a hobby that you have perfected over the years. It might be a natural talent or something you have learnt through dedication. If your good at something then you can teach people how to be too. Setting up a business around your talent it another good business idea and offers involves little start up cash. You can offer group classes and private classes to help others. Mostly these types of businesses are service based. For example if you’re good at playing piano then offer piano lessons.

Think of a product or service to create

This is a tricky one as it can be quite expensive to get started. Even the simplest products will need to be manufactured and tested. The best way to think of a product is to think of something that will make your life easier. Most products out there are designed to make your life easier or more comfortable. Just make sure the product is not already out there, you will be surprised by what is!

Everyone uses services to make their life easier. We as a culture pay for conveniences. We would go to work for £10 an hour and then pay £15 for a taxi ride that would have taken us 20 minutes to walk instead. Think of a service you could provide to help someone out. For example window cleaning, carpet cleaning, gardening services etc.

Start your business

Once you have your idea the best thing to do is start it. There are so many people out there that have amazing ideas, which they never start. You need to jump off that cliff; it’s the only way. Ok you might fail but no current successful business owner had a smooth ride. They overcame obstacles and learnt a ton of vital lessons. No one is going to teach you to be a successful business owner; these online paid lessons on how to get rich are BS. Just make sure you prepare. Make sure you know exactly how many customers you need to make X amount of money. Make sure you have a marketing plan, do not just get business cards and stop there. See here on how advertise and get your business name out there.

We hope you have liked this post on “How do I think of a business startup idea” please feel free to comment below if you have any other advice for people looking to start a business.