How to get More Customers for Your Business

Find out how to get more customers for your business. It actually amazes me by how many people don’t actually advertise their business. Equally amazing is how many people think getting 500 business cards off VISTA Print will get them customers. What sets businesses apart are the ways they advertise and keep customers. The days of just being listed in the Yellow Pages and Friday Ad are gone. You need to get an online presence which involves getting a website, social media accounts and being listed on other websites!

The trick is to get your number in front of your competitors and advertise in front of locals. This being the case any potential customers will call you first. Generally speaking most people don’t go further than the 3rd listing. Think about it for a second yourself; think about how far you go down a page looking for a number? How many companies do you go through and are they generally the top ones?

Find below the easiest and 100% most essential things you need to be doing. Some are free and some will cost you but they will be worth the effort. If you don’t put any effort into your business then how do you expect to grow? No one or no thing has become great without a lot of effort. It’s the same with business.

Get onto Google 

Google is king when it comes to searching for businesses. It’s right in your pocket and most smart phones are automatically programmed to use it. Honestly it’s the go to thing for most people, especially the younger generations. There are a couple of things you can do, please see the below your options on how you can best use Google.

Google maps

When you do a Google search you may have noticed that maps often come up with business near by. This section of Google maps is free to be listed on and can provide a lot of customers. Google maps are often right at the top of search results. It also gives you a chance to show of your business by reviews and photos. To find out how to get onto Google maps click here. Getting onto Google maps is easy to set up and is completely free, you would be mad not to take advantage of it.


When you search on Google, did you ever notice the top results with a little green ad symbol next to them? Those businesses/websites are using a thing called Google Adwords. Google Adwords is how you advertise on Google. It works using a pay per click (PPC) system. You basically pay every time someone clicks onto your website. The main benefit is that your right at the top of the search result. When using adwords you decide what search query’s trigger your ad showing. For example your fish and chip shop business in reading will only show up when someone types into Google “reading fish and chip shop” Which puts your business right in front of the right people! The downside is the costs involved. It can be quite expensive and will need to be set up properly. For a guide on how to set up an Adwords account click here.

SEO organic ranking

This is by far the hardest thing to do. If you can achieve it then it becomes your businesses biggest asset. When you click on Google you will have the Ads at the top, then Google maps and then organic ranking websites. Why are they so good? Well its because they are free to be there, it won’t cost you a penny when someone clicks on your site. Your site will also show up every time someone is searching for a specific thing relating to the industry you are in. Most of the time people bypass the ads and maps and go straight for these listings. The reason being they are best results for your search result. It’s the main reason you use Google, it gives you what you asked for. Getting organic traffic can take any where over 6 months to achieve. You can either learn about SEO and how to rank your website in the organic rankings or pay a company to help you. To find out more about Google organic rankings click here.

Local Facebook Pages

No matter where you live there will always be a local Facebook group run by local residents. They are often either be a local buy and sell page or local news outlets. These groups often have 1000’s of followers. The best thing about them is they are all local people. First thing to do is become a member yourself and then find out when you can post your business. Most pages have a certain day of the week businesses can post their business. Make sure you follow the rules otherwise you will get removed. Not only can show off your business but you can comment on peoples recommendations. You will quickly see people asking for business recommendations on them; this is a chance for you to suggest yours.

Get listed into directories, local review websites and selling websites

We did mention local directories are dead, but people do still use them. It takes minutes to get listed and most are free! Find local buy and sell websites and get listed onto them, most will have a business section. Check out local directories and news websites too; don’t just get listed on the big ones like Yellow pages and

The nest step is to do some test search queries into Google of something someone would type in to find your business. For example you would search for “window cleaner isle of Wight” or “window cleaning iow” if you have a window cleaning service on the Isle of Wight. See what directories and websites come up. You want to try and get listed onto as many of these of possible. The only time we would recommend paying for a directory listing is if it comes up high (top 4) in your test search queries.

Review Sites

Review sites are quickly becoming very popular. Google are starting to show more review websites of businesses than the actual businesses themselves. A lot of people trust these sites and if you get a good review from one then your quid’s in. Not only will it show off your business but also it will send potential customers in your direction. To get on these sites you will need to contact the site owners. Their contact details will be on their website somewhere. Construct an email asking for a review into your business. A good idea is to give them a free service to take up your offer. Let them test it out so they can write your review!

We hope we have helped a little! We didn’t go into much detail on how to set everything up as the article would have been 10x as long and would have got boring very quickly. There are pages showing you how to do everything so click on the “click here” links within the sections for complete guides.