How to Get Out of Bed in The Morning

Getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge for most people. Its something we go through at different ages in our lifetime. Why would we want to leave? Its warm, comfortable. Normally when the alarm go’s off in the morning we are getting up to go somewhere we don’t want to be! The sound of our alarms can be disheartening but there are a few things you can do to help you get out of bed in the morning. Review the below methods and give them a go, they are tried and rested and will defiantly help you with your morning routine. Life is worth living and the old saying of “sleep when your dead” is for those who want live. Part of living is being awake and not semi-unconscious lying in bed.

Make sure you live a life you would want to re-live if given the chance. Waking up in the morning is a great start to achieving everything you want to be.

Mind fame before you go to bed is so important!

It’s a known fact and is scenically proven that the last thing you think of before going to bed, is the first thing you think of when you wake up. If you go to bed thinking your going to be tired because your only getting 7 hours sleep then you can bet you will be. Even if your body is full rested or not. Make sure you always go to bed with a positive thought. Make sure you repeat it over and over before drifting of.

There is no perfect amount of sleep, there tons of people out there that only sleep between 4-6 hours a night. Instead of thinking “I’ve only for 6 hours sleep before work I’m going to be shattered” you need to think “It’s ok, I got 6 hours rest before I start work. That will be plenty” A positive mind frame before going to bed will 100% make it easier to get out of bed in the morning. You will be surprised with the affect it will have. Not only will you be more rested but more happy.

Find a Purpose

They say finding a purpose in life is the greatest achievement. It’s the reason that keeps us going. A purpose can take the form of anything. It could be a goal your trying to reach, build your business or doing anything you can for your children. Without a purpose you might not have any motivation to get out of bed. Why would you? What’s the main reason your getting up for? Making sure you know the exact reason will make you jump out of bed.

Having a purpose will make you jump out of bed in the Moring. Getting up and ready for work in order to provide for your children, ensuring they have a roof over theirs heads. Getting up in order to achieve your goals.


Our bodies need water. After a long sleep of 8+ hours our bodies will be dehydrated. Being dehydrated will make you fill dizzy and weak. Although these symptoms are mild its enough to make you want to stay lying down in bed. Being dehydrated will also affect the way you think. The first thing you do in the morning is to get hydrated. Get straight out of bed and head to the kitchen and drink a pint of water. Alternatively fill a pint glass with water before you go to bed and pop in on your side table. This way it’s already there and easy to grab when you wake up.

The extra fluid in your body will make you feel refreshed with more energy. This will help you with your morning routine.

Purposeful silence & Morning meditation

A proven method of getting out of bed in the morning is purposeful silence. Purposeful silence is a form of mediation. It involves sitting somewhere confortable such as crossed legs on a floor or sitting up right on your sofa (not in your bed!). What you have to do is get rid of all distractions and sit there with your eyes closed for 10-20 minutes. You will need to get rid of any thoughts that come into your head. Clear your mind by acknowledging thoughts and peacefully letting them go by.

Doing this will allow you to have a clear mind. Nothing allows you to focus more on the task than having a clear head. It does take a bit of practice to allow thoughts to come into your head and allow them to float off. It sounds a bit crazy and suitable for a hippy but it really works. Make it your routine. Get straight up and head to your spot, you will soon find yourself getting straight out of bed in the morning.

Open up those curtains to help you get out of bed!

Most of us enjoy a dark room in order to have a good sleep. A good method to achieve a more natural way of waking up is to open your curtains before going to bed. This way the light will gradually shine into the bedroom as the sun rises. Our bodies naturally and peacefully wake up to natural light. Ensuring your curtains are left open will allow the sun to edge you awake. Give it a go for a week and you will soon be leaving them open religiously.


Having a morning routine is key to an easy morning. Knowing what your going to wear and have for breakfast will put your mind at easy. Your morning mind frame isn’t the best for making decision so having everything already set out will make your morning a whole lot easier. Make sure you have your cloths all cleaned, ironed and set out ready to put on. Also make sure all your decisions such as breakfast are already made up. If your foodie then make sure its something you love. The thought of a meal you crave is enough to make you want to get up.

In conclusion

This methods will 100% make your mornings better. Not only should you feel more rested but hopefully more happier. The trick is to give them a go and don’t give up easily. Rome wasn’t build in a day. These methods will take a bit of practice and maybe a few teaks to make them work for you.

Please comment below if you have any other methods you have tried and worked!