Please find below frequently asked questions (FAQ), we hope they answer your questions. We can’t answer all of them but they should give you a better idea on how we run this blog.

Do you accept guest posts?

Yes we do but under no circumstance do we accept sponsored posts. Every post will be reviewed before posting. Please do not just send us a blog to get a backlink to your site. It won’t get posted. Please only send us posts you think will benefit our readers. Guest post requirements can be found on our contact page.

Do you update you blog posts?

Yes. We try and keep all information up to date on our posts. We understand when it comes to tax’s and benefits they change yearly. We make it a priority to ensure this information is up to date. If you spot inaccuracies please get in touch or comment on the blog post.

How will I know the blog is no longer active?

A larger banner will display across the site stating the site is no longer active. This will be added when and if it comes to a time where the blog is unable to continue. Its important for information to be un to date, we don’t want to lead anyone down the wrong path!

Can we send you personal questions?

Unfortunately not. We are unable to answer any personal questions and they will be ignored. We will only reply to guest post requests and possible amendments such as inaccuracies and spelling to blog posts.

How can we get in contact with the site owners?

You can get in contact by commenting on blog posts or sending us an email to admin@workguide.org.uk.

Why did you set up this blog?

We set up this blog to help people with money. Moneys a difficult subject, It can cause a lot of difficultly for individuals and families. We post articles to make your life easier and hopefully help you get your finances together.

Do you advertise on your blog?

Yes we do, but we make sure it does not get in your way! You can rest assure there won’t be any annoying pop ups or in your face marketing. You probably won’t even notice them. We use them to help fund the blog.