How to get a NUS Card

Find out How to get a NUS card and why you should! NU extra (TOTUM card) is a discount card. This card to is offered to exclusively to students. The national union of students runs TOTUM cards. TOTUM card allows you to benefit from discounts on certain products and services.

NUS have recently changed their discount cards to TOTUM. They are still the same cards but just a new design. You can either buy a 1, 2 or 3year card. The cost of the card is £12.00 for 1 year, £22.00 for 2 year and £32.00 for 3 year. You do have to pay for delivery.

To get started you will need to reregister on the NUS website and fill in their application form. There are qualifying conditions as not everyone can get one. Please see below the quality conditions required. – Click here for the application from.

What do I need to qualify for a NUS card?

TOTUM card is available to students ages 16 or over. You must be studying full or part-time in further or higher education. Your course should require at least 10 hours study per week and last for a minimum of 12 weeks. Courses must be carried out by professional learners and should be a U.K. registered, accredited course. Some exceptions apply. You will be able to find your course provider on the drop down menu when completing the application from.

What are the benefits of getting a NUS card?

If your a student in the U.K. we would recommend purchasing a NUS card. It may seem like a lot of money to pay upfront for a discount card but it is truly worth it. Especially if you are a female! Research shows that on average U.K. woman spend annually £492.00 due to their periods. This includes cost for sanitary products, pain relief, new underwear, etc. NUS will ATLEAST be able to save you 10% off that total figure, if not more on promotions. Saving you £49.20 a year on essential products.

NUS are not just for benefiting ladies. Don’t worry guys; you’re able to save too! According to new research from Barclaycard the average U.K. male is now spending £144.00 per month on clothing and shoes. NUS offer discounts on many high street and online clothing stores. Examples are, Topman, Jack Wills, and ASOS. Clothing stores usually also do promotional offers to Students were you get double discount (usually around Fresher’s week or a Student Finance installment time).

Free McDonalds cheeseburger you say?

Obviously, the main dealmaker is the freebie you get with McDonalds… Who can say no to a free Cheeseburger?! With every meal you purchase you have either get a free, Mayo Chicken, Cheeseburger or Mcflurry. McDonalds is not the only food establishment in which offers discount. Many offer discount for you have your follow diners. Prezzo offers 25% off the total food bill for 4 people per card. So wouldn’t be just you benefiting from your card. Co-op also offer 10% off every shopping bill, this is a massive saving over the year!

NUS also offers discount on travel. You can get discount on items such a rail card, airport parking etc. Your NUS card can be used as confirmation of student ID for festivals. If you’re planning on attending a festival, you may make your money back you spent on your card and save on the ticket price.

Its always worth a check on the NUS website before you make a purchase. They are in collaboration with so many service and products so it’s likely to be free or discounted. For all the discounts please check out their website here.

History of NUS

As part of a general desire for peace after WW1, NUS was founded in 1922. The original aim was to promote understandings and friendships between what were perceived to be future leaders of different nations. Of course with everything, things change. NUS adapted to changes and were able to offer more help to students

What if I lose my card?

If you are worried about losing the card, do not worry. You are able to order a replacement. Replacement cards cost £5.00.

You are able to apply for a TOTUM card by registering on the NUS site. It does take a little while to complete the form so be prepared. You will be asked for a lot of dates, and details about your current course etc. The good news is you only need to complete it once; your details will then be saved. All you will need to do is log into your account. These details can be updated and changed online. Once you have paid and submitted your application, it takes a couple of days to a week for them to review your application. You will then either get contacted to confirm some information or receive your card in the post.